1. Preliminary Statement
    1. ANY.RUN provides the protection of user’s privacy and personal data according to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    2. Acceptance of Terms of Use shall mean automatically full and unconditional acceptance of this Privacy Policy by the User. ANY.RUN reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and is not obliged to notify the User. The changes will come into force upon their publication on the Website except otherwise is provided by the updated version of this Privacy Policy. User’s continued usage of the Services shall signify User’s acceptance of such changes.
    3. While using the ANY.RUN Services you have to ensure that the files/ the URL you are about to submit contain no personal data of any third party or if so, you have the full and informed consent of those third parties or the statutory right to transfer these personal data. ANY.RUN is not responsible for any conflict arising according to the submitting of personal data of third parties involved in your files/ URL.
    4. Please be aware that interactive checking as a part of Services provided by ANY.RUN is not confidential unless otherwise stated. You can turn on privacy mode in the advanced menu before start using Services.
  2. Collecting and processing of user’s personal data
    1. Web servers store details of user’s operating system and browser used, a webpage from which user comes to the Website, pages that user visits on the Website, and IP address assigned to a user by user’s Internet service provider (ISP). With the exception of user’s IP address, personal data is stored only if a user chooses to submit it to ANY.RUN, e.g. during registration, in a survey, or in order to enable performance of the agreement.
    2. User’s personal data will remain only with ANY.RUN, its affiliates, and its service providers and will not be available to third parties except situations when ANY.RUN is obligated to disclose such information by the law.
    3. ANY.RUN guarantees that personal data will be used only to perform ANY.RUN services. Providing your personal data to ANY.RUN you agree that ANY.RUN could submit relevant information to payment service providers (e.g. PayPal) or its affiliates in order to receipt payments. ANY.RUN may use third-party services such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika that collect, monitor and analyze user’s information in order to increase ANY.RUN Services's functionality. These third party service providers have their own privacy policies addressing how they use such information.
    4. You hereby agree that ANY.RUN could use your email address you have entered to send out a newsletter from which you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the deactivation link provided in every newsletter or in your own profile by clicking on the checkmark to disable.
  3. Data retention
    1. ANY.RUN stores personal data as long as it is required to perform the Services to the user providing no legal contradictions exist (in a case of retention periods required by trade or tax regulations etc.)
  4. Right to obtain and correct information
    1. Users have the right to obtain information on all user’s stored personal data, to receive, to review, and if necessary to amend or to erase. In order to request any of actions required please send a message to ANY.RUN contact email indicated in Terms of Use.
    2. The deletion of user’s personal data will be completed immediately unless ANY.RUN is legally obliged to store such information.
  5. Cookies
    1. Cookies are small text files containing information which makes possible to identify repeated visitors exclusively for the duration of their visit on the Website.
    2. Cookies are stored on a hard disk of visitor’s computer and do not cause any damage. They could be used to determine whether there has been any contact between ANY.RUN and visitor device in the past. Only cookies on visitor’s device are identified.
    3. ANY.RUN uses cookies only if it is required for the provision of services through the Website.
  6. Security
    1. ANY.RUN applies organizational and technical security measures to protect the data supplied by visitors and users against manipulation, loss, destruction and unsanctioned access by third parties.